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The following information is from the original 4 issue series Magma-Man, which is no longer considered canon.

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Main Information
Title The Meanest Kid in School
Full Name Zack (No last name revealed)
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Catch-Phrase/Motto "I'm better then you!"
Gender Male
Abilities/Talents The best at bulleying out of all the kids at San Kan Middle School.
Friends/Family All the other bulleys at the school
Faction Bulleys
Arch Enemy Jackson
Current Location San Kan Middle School Remains
Home/Base of Operations 321 Evil Ave.
First Appearence Magma-Man Issue #1 A Hero is Born!
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Zack was Jackson and Cody's arch enemy before Jackson became Magma-Man. Off all the bulleys at Jackson and Cody's school, Zack was the worst.

Life at School

At San Kan Middle School he was known as the "Meanest Kid in School." And for good reason. He was always getting in trouble and trying to make the other kids who weren't bulleys miserable. He especially worked hard to make Jackson and Cody lives miserable. He constantly beat up Jackson and Cody and called Jackson "Wimpy" because he was not strong at all, and Cody "Shrimpy" because he was so short for his age. Jackson and Cody vowed they would someday get him back for all the misery Zack has caused them.


Later, when Cody thought Jackson had "died," (see A Hero is Born!) Cody became the Big Bad Kid, BBK went on a bloodthirsty rampage. He started at San Kan Middle School. He killed all the bulleys, including Zack.

Mega Venom Uncertain Canon Ends Here.

Silver Tongued Devil

The following information is Non-Canon, and is not real in the Magma-Man universe unless the administrator excepts it.

Big Bad Bulley

Or, to say it more accuratly, (or less, since this is non-canon) He was badly injured and put into a coma. Later, he awoke and saw all his fellow bulleys dead and the school destroyed. He vowed revenge on "Shrimpy" and planned to kill him. He then went to Cody's house, and found all of Cody's Inventions. He then started testing them. Soon, he found a potion that would let him turn into any form at will. He used this power to attack Big Bad Kid, who had just awoken from his coma, and broken out of San Kan Museum.

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