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Ultimate Magma-Man
People's Republic Of America


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America in the 1990s

Primary Villan:

People's Republic of America


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Poster from the PRA

Ultimate Magmaman is based on the idea that the Soviet Union did not collapse but instead grew stronger in the 1980s and 90s. In 1994 The Soviets invade america, and Magma-Man is present when the Soviet Union attacks San Kan City.


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The Prolouge introduces Cody, who is freed by the King Pin from San Kan Sanatorium. Daniel Bird becomes president of the United States in the 1992 election. He refuses to allow American troops overseas, and pulls them out of Western Europe. The Soviet union invades and takes over Europe.

Part One

Part one begins with Magma-Man standing on the roof of a building in San Kan when the Soviets attack. After leaving the city and helping the Kingpin and the Police defend the last area that the Americans control in San Kan, San Kan Hills Prison. He ends up traveling between San Kan and Phoenix, the capitol of the Western American Republic. He helps the Republic, as it is the real America since Bird surrendered to the Soviets. Vice President Richardson is the President, as he left Washington when Bird gave up. Bird is the President of the Soviet controlled People's Republic of America, which Magma-Man tries to destroy. He succeeds, and the comunists are forced back to Europe.


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Part Two

In Part two, Cody comes into play by killing the Kingpin and replacing him. He gets his revenge by forcing Soviet leader Borhov to launch Nuclear Weapons. The World is destroed, and Magma Man must live in and protect the people living in the ruins of San Kan.


Part Two, Issue 1: Cody's Return (Ultimate)