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The King Pin of Crime
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Main Information
Title The King Pin of Crime
Full Name NA
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Catch-Phrase/Motto NA
Gender Male
Abilities/Talents NA
Friends/Family NA
Faction King Pin
Arch Enemy Magma-Man
Current Location Unknown
Home/Base of Operations Has many hidden bases around San Kan
First Appearence Mega Magma-Man: Issue #1 Origins Part 1 of 2
Last Appearence Mega Magma-Man: Issue #3 Bullet
Reason Latest Issue
Age 30
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Allignment Ultimate Evil
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Status Alive
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The King Pin of Crime in San Kan City. This evil man had many followers including the Killer. His main problem was that Mr. and Mrs. Rosin were very rich, and spent most of their money trying to help stop crime in San Kan. The King Pin could not have that, now could he?


King Pin is a little skinney, and almost always can be seen with a cigerrete. He is about as tall as the average man.


The Rosins

King Pin ordered the Killer to assassinate the Rosin family. Killer did as he was told. However, King Pin was angered greatly when he found out that Killer had not succeeded in killing Mr. and Mrs. Rosin's son, Jackson Rosin. He new that once Jackson was older, he would inherit the fortune. So he planned on killing Jackson the first chance he got.

The Volcano

12 years later, he had some of his workers dump radioactive waste inside an inactive volcano outside Jackson's house. When the volcano erupted, the radioactive lava covered Jackson as King Pin watched in delight from his base. While he was watching however, he noticed the Killer was unconsious and screamed "IDIOT!" King Pin didn't realize he had a wall fan beside him blowing the smoke from his cigerrete right into Killer's face.