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The following information is on a character planned to appear in future canon, and can change drastically if not entirly until it does officially appear.

Spider-Man Vs. Vulture
Vulture fighting Spider-Man in Web of Shadows. Raptor's wings and cybernetic suit are partly based on this version of Vulture
Main Information
Real Name Richard Hawk
Other Names {{{Other Names}}}
Catch-Phrase/Motto None
Gender Male
Abilities The ability to Fly, Cybernetic Body, Can throw mechanical "feathers," Super Eyesight, high endurance,
Friends/Family None
Faction NA
Arch Enemy NA
Current Location NA
Base of Operations NA
First Appearence NA
Last Appearence NA
Reason NA
Age 21
Agility 10
Allignment Evil
Danger Level 8
Endurance 9
Fighting Skills 4
Intelligence 6
Status NA
Strength 5
Original Information
Old Nicknames None
Old Abilities/Talents None,
Old Faction None
Old Arch Enemy Unknown
Home NA
Original Statistics
Original Agility 7
Original Allignment Good
Original Danger Level 1
Original Endurance 5
Original Fighting Skills 4
Original Intelligence 6
Original Strength 5
Note: It is not yet known wether he will be created by the King Pin or Gruesome.
Symbiote Vulture

Symbiote Vulture from Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Raptor is partly based off of his design in the game.

Raptor used to be a normal civilian with a desk job and everything. Then, in an "acsident" caused by King Pin/Gruesome, he lost his legs. King Pin/Gruesome then offered to restore his legs if he did him a favor. Richard agreed. And, in order to restore his legs, King Pin/Gruesome operated on him to give him cybernetic legs, however, they also made the rest of his body cybernetic. His cybernetic body was based on a Hawk, a bird of prey, a raptor. Soon, in return for getting his legs returned to him, King Pin/Gruesome ordered him to kill Magma-Man.