#1: Origins Part 1 of 2
#2: Origins Part 2 of 2
#3: Bullet
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Origins Part 2 of 2
Placeholder Issue
Part 2 of Magma-Man's Origin!
Vital statistics
Series Mega Magma-Man
Issue # 2
Year 2009
Publisher Crazy Comics
Previous Issue Mega Magma-Man: Issue #1 Origins Part 1 of 2
Next Issue Mega Magma-Man: Issue #3 Bullet
Heroes Magma-Man
Villians The King Pin of Crime, The Killer, and the Big Bad Kid
Other Characters Mrs. Pork
Location San Kan City
Canon Yes

Origins Part 2 of 2 is the second part of Magma-Man's Origin in the new Mega Magma-Man universe.