#3: Bullet
#1: Origins Part 1 of 2
#2: Origins Part 2 of 2
Origins Part 1 of 2
Placeholder Issue
Vital statistics
Series Mega Magma-Man
Issue # 1
Year 2009
Publisher Crazy Comics
Previous Issue NA
Next Issue Origins Part 2 of 2
Heroes None
Villians Killer; The Kind Pin of Crime
Other Characters Mr. Rosin; Mrs. Rosin; Jackson; Cody
Location San Kan City
Canon Yes

The very first issue of Mega Magma-Man.

New Characters

New Super-Heroes

  • None

New Villians

New Super-Villians

  • None


Unsuccesful Assassination

The story starts with the Killer attempting to assassinate the Rosin family, because they were rich and used their money mainly to help rid San Kan of crime and evil, and the King Pin of Crime could not have that, could he? He fails in assassinating anybody, but he does kill Mr. and Mrs. Rosin. However, there son, Jackson Rosin, survives. Jackson was only one year old when this happened.


Later, Jackson is put in an orphanage where he is adopted by Mrs. Pork, and made Cody's brother.

The King Pin is outraged when he finds out Killer failed to kill the son. Since, after all, when he is 18 he will inherit his families fortune. He tells the Killer he has one more chance to kill him, and he better not fail him.

Did you know?

  • Origins was originally going to be a double-length issue instead of two issues

More "Did You Know?"s....

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