Mrs. Rosin
Placeholder person
Main Information
Title Mrs.
Full Name NA
Other Names {{{Other Names}}}
Catch-Phrase/Motto NA
Gender Female
Abilities/Talents NA
Friends/Family Mr. Rosin-Husband; Jackson Rosin-Son;
Faction NA
Arch Enemy NA
Current Location San Kan Cemetary
Home/Base of Operations NA
First Appearence Mega Magma-Man: Issue #1 Origins Part 1 of 2
Last Appearence Mega Magma-Man: Issue #1 Origins Part 1 of 2
Reason Murdered by the Killer
Age 34
Agility 8
Allignment Ultimate Good
Danger Level 6
Endurance 4
Fighting Skills 3
Intelligence 6
Status Dead
Strength 4
Mrs. Rosin was Jackson's mother and husband to Mr. Rosin.


She died when the roof of her house collapsed on her in a fire that was started by the Killer.

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