Mr. Rosin
Placeholder person
Main Information
Title Mr.
Full Name NA
Other Names {{{Other Names}}}
Catch-Phrase/Motto NA
Gender Male
Abilities/Talents NA
Friends/Family Mrs. Rosin-wife; Jackson Rosin-son
Faction NA
Arch Enemy NA
Current Location San Kan Cemetary
Home/Base of Operations NA
First Appearence Origins Part 1 of 2
Last Appearence Origins Part 1 of 2
Reason Murdered by Killer
Age 34
Agility {{{Agility}}}
Allignment Ultimate Good
Danger Level 4
Endurance {{{Endurance}}}
Fighting Skills {{{Fighting Skills}}}
Intelligence 5
Status Dead
Strength {{{Strength}}}

Mr. Rosin is Jackson's father. If it weren't for him trying to get Jackson out of the burning house, Jackson would not of survived.


While trying to get Jackson out of the house, he was shot by The Killer and he dropped one-year-old Jackson, who, fortunatly, landed on a pile of soft dirt and was unnoticed by the Killer.

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