Mr. Pork
Placeholder person
Main Information
Title Mr. Pork
Full Name NA
Other Names {{{Other Names}}}
Catch-Phrase/Motto NA
Gender Male
Abilities/Talents NA
Friends/Family Mrs. Pork-Wife; Cody Pork-Son;
Faction None
Arch Enemy NA
Current Location San Kan Cemetary
Home/Base of Operations 1025 Arthur Ave.
First Appearence NA
Last Appearence NA
Reason Never Appeared
Age 27 when killed
Agility 7
Allignment Very Good
Danger Level 6
Endurance 5
Fighting Skills 5
Intelligence 6
Status Dead-Killed in Car Crash
Strength 6
The Scream (Face)


The following information has not been revealed in any comic, therefor, it is Eclusive content. It is considered canon.

Mr. Pork was Cody's father. He was a good man, and Cody was only one month old when he died in a Car Crash.

Aww, man!

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