The following quotes were taken from the Original Magma-Man comic series created by Magma-Man when he was in 4th Grade.

A Hero is Born!Edit

Cody:"Why do they always pick on us!?" Jackson:"Yah! Why can't they leave us alone!?" Cody:"Yah! Let's just go upstairs..." Jackson:"Good idea!" (They go upstairs) Cody:"Let's open the window for some fresh air!" Jackson:"Good idea!" (They open the window and Zack's and the others voice float in through the window) Zack:"SHRIMPY AND WIMPY! SHRIMPY AND WIMPY!" Jackson:"I think you should close it." Cody:"Good Idea!
Jackson and Cody as they arive at Cody's home from school[src]

"Why is there lava all over my-HHHAAAAAANNNNNDDDD!!!!!!!!! Woah, that was wierd! And I can control it too!"
Jackson discovering his powers.[src]

The Big Bad Kid Part 1 of 2Edit

"I can't believe my best friend ever is dead... I know! I'll create a machine to get my revenge! They will pay! They will all pay! Especially those bulleys, oh they'll pay!"
Cody, as he descends into madness and starts to think it's everyone else's fault that Jackson is dead.[src]

The Big Bad Kid Part 2 of 2Edit

"But, if you're Jackson, why did you hit me? Wait, I know, you hate me now and are trying to kill me! You've betrayed me! And now you'll die!"
Big Bad Kid, descending further into madness, thinks that Jackson has turned on him and is trying to kill him.[src]

The KillerEdit

Killer:"I see London! I see money!" Cowering Civilian: "Actually I think it goes 'I see London, I see Fra-" Killer:"SHUT UP!"

Mega Magma-ManEdit

The following quotes were taken from the comic series Mega Magma-Man, which is currently considered to be the canon universe.

Origins Part 1 of 2Edit

"Why is there lava all over my-HHHAAAAAANNNNNDDDD!!!!!!!!!"
Jackson, at discovering his first power.[src]

Origins Part 2 of 2Edit

"Magma-Man... will die..... Big Bad Kid.... UNSTOPABLE!!"
Big Bad Kid[src]


"I should of given this flying thing a little more PRACTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Magma-Man, as he uses Magma Flight for the first time to get to King Pin's base.[src]
Kingpin:"Bullet! Kill him!" Magma-Man:"Who's Bullet?" (Bullet grabs Magma-Man from behind and holds a knife to his throte) Bullet:"I'm Bullet."
The King Pin, Magma-Man, and Bullet[src]

New UniverseEdit


"Killer: (emotionless) "I have come. What do you want me to do, Mr...?" Kingpin: "Kingpin... that is what I am and what you will always refer to me as." Killer: "Of course, Mr. Kingpin." Kingpin: "Kingpin, Killer. Just Kingpin. No Mister!" Killer: "I'm sorry, Kingpin. Anyway, what did you want me to do?""
Kingpin and Killer's first meeting.[src]
"I want this family dead... sure they will die eventually, but I want you to speed up the process."


The following quotes are from articles created by people besides Magma-Man.


"Oh, I see you brought friends Magma-Man. Come in and let's have a..... chat."

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