Magma-Man is the first of the non-exsistant video game series that chronicle the most recent universe of the Magma-Man world, the New Universe. The plot follows Jackson's transformation into Magma-Man and King Pin's attempts at killing him so he can inherit the fortune Jackson will be given when he turns 18. The game would either be rated T or M by ESRB if it were real, but by my ratings, Insane Ratings, it is rated A11+, do to it's graphic nature with Magma-Man's powers.

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Plot SummaryEdit

The plot of the game is mainly shown through cutscenes that are shown once you make a certain amount of progress with protecting San Kan City, and Magma-Man usually only interacts with the plot in boss battles. In this plot summary cutscenes are written out as scripts.


Opening Cutscene (not yet finished):Edit

Screen Fades in and you see a figur standing in a dark room smoking a cigar. Another man with a stupid haircut walks in. He is only known as the Killer.
Killer: (emotionlessly) "I have come. What do you want me to do, Mr...?"
Man With the Cigar: "Kingpin... that is what I am and what you will always refer to me as."
Killer: "Of course, Mr. Kingpin."
Kingpin: "Kingpin, Killer. Just Kingpin. No Mister!"
Killer: "I'm sorry, Kingpin. Anyway, what did you want me to do?"
Kingpin: "I want this family dead." (hands Killer a picture of the Rosin family) "They are rich, and they use their money to help stop crime in San Kan, which is not good for my buiseness. At all. I am there closest relative, once they are dead, that fortune will be mine. Sure they will die eventually, but I want you to speed up the process."
Killer: "Don't worry, I'll make sure you have that fortune."
Kingpin: "You better. As the contract you signed states that until that fortune is mine, you work for me. You don't want to work for me forever, do you?"
Killer: "No, Mister Kingpin."
Kingpin: "KINGPIN! Kingpin, you idiot, no "Mister"!
Killer: "I'm sorry, Mister Kingpin sir. Oh, I said Mister again didn't I?"
Kingpin: "JUST GO! And make sure those people are dead!"

Opening Cutscene EndsEdit


Life of Jackson plays (this script is not yet complete):Edit

Life of Jackson EndsEdit

You now for the first time take control of Jackson. As Bullet shoots at you through the windows, you are tasked with learning how to move Jackson around, and getting him through the house.