This has all of the standered game ratings, and others devised by Magma-Man.

List of Ratings

The List in Order to Best to Worst

  • AA: All Ages (Ages 1+) Doesn't include anything someone might find affensive or bad for their children
  • A5: Ages 5 and up (5+)
  • A8: Ages 8 and up (8+)
  • A10: Ages 10 and up (10+)
  • A12: Ages 12 and up (12+)
  • A13: Teenagers and older (13+)
  • A15: Ages 15 and up (15+)
  • A17: Ages 17 and up (17+)
  • AO: Adults Only (18+) (Not allowed in this Wiki, Adults Only Games will have to be reduced to M or lower, or be deleted)

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