ESRB does not rate the Magma-Man video games, which don't even exsist, so you may notice I put an estimation of what ESRB would rate the game. I also believe that ESRB overrates games, so I have come up with my own rating system that I call Insane Ratings. I am very strict about this and this is supposed to be the absolute lowest age you should be before you play the game.

How Insane Ratings WorksEdit

Insane Ratings are very simple to understand. Example: A12+ is Ages 12 and up. Basically the ratings are A, for Ages, then a number for the minimum age you have to be, and then a + for "and up".

Things That Insane Ratings Takes Note OfEdit

  • Brief Mild Violence
  • Brief Violence
  • Brief Strong Violence
  • Brief Intense Violence
  • Mild Violence
  • Violence
  • Strong Violence
  • Intense Violence
  • One Instance of Language
  • A couple instances of language
  • Brief Language
  • Mild Language
  • Language
  • Strong Language
  • Brief Disturbing Elements
  • Some Disturbing Elements
  • Disturbing Elements
  • Brief Horrific Elements
  • Some Horrific Elements
  • Horrific Elements
  • Mild Blood
  • Mild Unrealistic Blood
  • Unrealistic Blood
  • Strong Unrealist Bood
  • Blood
  • Mild Blood
  • Strong Blood
  • Unrealistic Blood and Gore
  • Blood and Gore
  • Strong Unrealistic Blood and Gore
  • Strong Blood and Gore

Games Rated By Insane RatingsEdit