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Cody's Return
Vital statistics
Series Ultimate Magma-Man
Issue # 1
Year 2010
Publisher Waltcorp Press
Previous Issue None
Next Issue None (Cancelled (Was going to be 'What a Wonderful World'))
Heroes Magma-Man
Villians Cody
Other Characters None
Location San Kan City, Siberia
Canon No

Cody's Return is the first issue in the Ultimate Magma-Man comic series. In this issue Cody has escaped prison, and is out to revenge himself on Magma-Man and the World.


Magma-Man discovers that the Kingpin has freed Cody, and made him normal again. The genius of Cody was more than the Kingpin could handle. He was killed and replaced by Cody, who began to plot his revenge, not just on Magma-Man, but the entire world. He goes to a Soviet nuclear launch complex in Siberia, and quickly takes over the facility. He targets the missiles at China and America, sending false mesages to each country. Magma-Man fights through the facility, narrowly avoiding being cooked when all six ICBMs launch. He fights his way to the control bunker, only to find that Cody had destroyed the abort console. As Jackson watches in horror as missiles begin to travel all over the world, Cody escapes aboard his personal helicopter. Magma-Man leaves, stealing a Russian Hind Helicopter.


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