Silver Tongued Devil
The following information was planned to be future content in the Original Magma-Man series, and is non-canon.
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Placeholder Super Character
Main Information
Real Name NA
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Catch-Phrase/Motto NA
Gender Male
Abilities Fingers are huge claws that are razor sharp and 2 feet long.
Friends/Family Raptor-Younger Mutant Brother; Giant-Older Mutant Brother; Gruesome-"Father"
Faction Gruesome Allies
Arch Enemy Magma-Man
Current Location NA
Base of Operations NA
First Appearence NA
Last Appearence NA
Reason Has never appeared
Age 24
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Allignment Very Evil
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Status NA
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Original Information
Old Nicknames NA
Old Abilities/Talents NA
Old Faction NA
Old Arch Enemy NA
Home NA
Original Statistics
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Claw was Gruesome's second creation before he became mutated himself.