Silver Tongued Devil

The following information is Non-Canon, and is not real in the Magma-Man universe unless the administrator excepts it.

Placeholder Super Character
Main Information
Real Name Tom Helling
Other Names None
Catch-Phrase/Motto Hmmm, not my colour.
Gender Male
Abilities Colour Manipulation
Friends/Family Unknown
Faction Independent
Arch Enemy Magma-Man
Current Location Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
First Appearence None
Last Appearence None
Reason Non-Canon
Age 34
Agility Unknown
Allignment Evil
Danger Level 9/10
Endurance 4/10
Fighting Skills 6/10
Intelligence 8/10
Status Alive
Strength 2/10
Original Information
Old Nicknames The Colour Man
Old Abilities/Talents Colour Manipulation
Old Faction None
Old Arch Enemy Unknown
Home Unknown
Original Statistics
Original Agility Unknown
Original Allignment Unknown
Original Danger Level Unknown
Original Endurance Unknown
Original Fighting Skills Unknown
Original Intelligence Unknown
Original Strength Unknown
"Oh, I see you brought friends Magma-Man. Come in and let's have a..... chat."

Chromo-Man is an infamous villain and enemy to Magma-Man. He's real name is Tom Helling but when people call him that he goes insane with rage. He hates the past. Chromo-Man has complete control over colour and light radiations, impacting on changing chemicals into different molecules of colour. Implanting high likeliness of implosion due to light radiations. Although colour may seem like a stupid ability to have he uses it to transform structures and make things appear to be different things, tricking others into thinking they are different, usually leading to their death. (eg: Changing a poisonous mushroom that looks the same as another, anti-toxic, mushroom. The fool believes it is another type, eats it and dies.)


Tom Helling was a poor boy. His parents had no job so he had to steal to earn food. One day as he was running away from a policeman he heard a lady say that the flowers she wanted to buy were the wrong colour. Tom had a sexual attraction to this lady so in order to get her attention (unwillingly and unknowingly) he changed the red flowers to purple. From then on he knew about his colour ability.

Super VillainEdit

Tom got a career as a freak in the show. He was known as "The Colour Man". He used to go on and change the colour of his skin and hair. One time he heard a bearded lady say he was an outcast. In a rage he transformed a bottle of poison into the colour of the lady's favorite drink and poured it into a bottle that resembled her drink. She took a sip and died instantly. When the master found out he fired Tom and set the police after him. Tom hid from them by creating a suit that hides his entire body.

Meeting Magma-ManEdit

From then on Chromo-Man has had a strong hate for anyone and everyone. Once trying to turn the world grey he was stopped by Magma-Man. The two held a life long grudge.



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