This article is about the Orignal Big Bad Kid from the non-canon series Magma-Man,, you may be looking for the newer canon version of BBK.
Old Volcano
The following information is from the original 4 issue series Magma-Man, which is no longer considered canon.
Big Bad Kid
Placeholder Super Character
Magma-Man's first enemy!
Main Information
Real Name Cody (No last name revealed)
Other Names {{{Other Names}}}
Catch-Phrase/Motto I'M BUFF!
Gender Male
Abilities Super Strength-Freakish in appearence, his arms and legs are gigantic in size and muscle, while the rest of his body is unchanged. The arms and legs combined mass is more mass then the rest of Big Bad Kid's body.
Friends/Family Jackson-Best and only friend
Faction None
Arch Enemy Magma-Man
Current Location San Kan Museum
Base of Operations NA
First Appearence Magma-Man: Issue #2 The Big Bad Kid Part 1 of 2
Last Appearence Magma-Man: Issue #3 The Big Bad Kid Part 2 of 2
Reason Defeated by Magma-Man, and did not return before the series was cancelled
Age 15
Agility 9
Allignment Evil
Danger Level 9
Endurance 10
Fighting Skills 8
Intelligence See Intelligence
Status Alive-In Coma at San Kan Museum
Strength 10
Original Information
Old Nicknames Shrimpy
Old Abilities/Talents Was smarter than Einstein himself, with the ability to even create a portal to another dimension.
Old Faction None
Old Arch Enemy Zack
Home 123 Lava Ave.
Original Statistics
Original Agility 6
Original Allignment Good
Original Danger Level 2
Original Endurance 1
Original Fighting Skills 3
Original Intelligence See Intelligence
Original Strength 2

Big Bad Kid is Magma-Man's Arch Enemy. Although he used to be Magma-Man's best friend.


Middle School

(Cody)"Why do they always pick on us!?"

(Jackson)"Yah! Why can't they leave us alone!?"

(Cody)"Yah! Let's just go upstairs..."

(Jackson)"Good idea!"

(They go upstairs)

(Cody)"Let's open the window for some fresh air!"

(Jackson)"Good idea"

(They open the window and Zack's and the others voice float in through the window)


(Jackson)"I think you should close the window."

(Cody)"Good Idea"

-Jackson and Cody as they arive at Cody's home from school

In middle school, Cody and Jackson had no idea they would soon become a super-villian (Cody) and a super-hero (Jackson). They were always picked on by bulleys who always called Jackson "Wimpy" and Cody "Shrimpy." They called Cody "Shrimpy" because he was short for his age. Life was torture because of the bulleys, but the worst one was Zack. Because of this Cody and Jackson planned to get revenge on Zack one day.

Jackson's "Death"

Every day Cody and Jackson both went and excersised on a hill just outside Cody's backyard. Little did Jackson and Cody know that the "hill" was actually an inactive volcano! Or was it inactive? Because one day, while Jackson and Cody where on the "hill" excirsising, it happened. The top of the "hill" started to crack, and soon blew off as lava started to ooze down the hill. Cody managed to escape succesfully, while Jackson did not. Jackson was covered in lava, and Cody thought he was dead. He didn't know that really Jackson was soon going to become Magma-Man!

Big Bad Kid Vs. Magma-Man

"I can't believe my best friend ever is dead... I know! I'll create a machine to get my revenge! They will pay! They will all pay! Especially those bulleys, oh they'll pay!

-Cody, as he descends into madness and starts to think it's everyone else's fault that Jackson was "dead"

In depression, Cody started going mad, and blamed everyone in the world for Jackson's "death." So, he created a new invention so he could get his "revenge" on everybody in the worlds, especially the bulleys. He called it the Buffenator 2000. He used it on himself, and he became the Big Bad Kid.

He then went on a rampage destroying everything in site. First he went into the school and killed Jackson and his teacher, killed all the bulleys, and then proceded to break the school in half. He later started causing havoc on the streets, and killed many people, including all the police that tried to stop him. Then, Magma-Man came. Not recognizing him as Cody, Magma-Man shot lava at BBK. This inraged Big Bad Kid and made him turn around, and he saw that it was Jackson who hit him, so that ment Jackson was alive! Magma-Man also was shocked and worried now that he found out his best and only friend, the only friend he had in his life, had become a monster.

Cody Vs. Jackson

"But, if you're Jackson, why did you hit me? Wait, I know, you hate me now and are trying to kill me! You've betrayed me! And now you'll die!"

-Big Bad Kid, descending further into madness, thinks that Jackson has turned on him and is trying to kill him

Cody, now Big Bad Kid, now was still as smart, but was still a little mad. Now he thought that Jackson had betrayed him and was trying to kill him, and thus BBK tried to kill Jackson, now Magma-Man. They had a huge battle, eventually ending in Magma-Man encasing him in lava rock.

The San Kan Museum

Soon, someone working at the San Kan Museum saw BBK incased in lava rock and like it. He brought to the museum, and used it to remind everyone in San Kan what Magma-Man did to protect them.


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