"I want this family dead... sure they will die eventually, but I want you to speed up the process."
Big Bad Bulley
Placeholder Super Character
Main Information
Real Name Joshua Rosin
Other Names Kingpin
Catch-Phrase/Motto None
Gender Male
Abilities Inhuman Strength and Endurance
Friends/Family Family: Jackson Rosin (Magma-Man) (Nephew) Franklin Rosin (Brother) Rose Rosin (Sister in Law)

Allies: Bullet, Killer, and Raptor.

Faction Kingpin
Arch Enemy Magma-Man
Current Location Dead
Base of Operations Kingpin's Underground Base
First Appearence Magma-Man
Last Appearence Magma-Man
Reason Killed at end of game
Age 41
Agility 9
Allignment Mega Evil
Danger Level 9
Endurance 10
Fighting Skills 8
Intelligence 7
Status Dead
Strength 11
Original Information
Old Nicknames Kingpin
Old Abilities/Talents Cigerate Addiction
Old Faction Kingpin
Old Arch Enemy Magma-Man
Home Kingpin's Underground Base
Original Statistics
Original Agility 7
Original Allignment Mega Evil
Original Danger Level 8
Original Endurance 5
Original Fighting Skills 7
Original Intelligence 6
Original Strength 6

The Big Bad Bulley, other-wise known as the Kingpin, the main antagonist of the first non-exsistant Magma-Man video game. He is the reason for all events of in the game, including Magma-Man's creation, and the creation of all other super-villians in the game. After both of his super-villians he creates (Bullet and Raptor he uses Big Bad Kid's technology to make a super-villain out of himself. He modified Big Bad Kid's machine so that it would not impair his brain, but inhance it, and to make him even stronger. Once he does this he decides to name himself the Big Bad Bulley, because he's big, bad, and according to Big Bad Kid, a bulley. He then tries to kill Magma-Man once and for all and is the final boss of the game.


Joshua Rosin is the brother of Franklin Rosin, Magma-Man's father, which makes Magma-Man his nephew. Rose Rosin is his sister-in-law, who is married to Franklin Rosin. The Rosin family were rich, and they used they're wealth to help stop crime in San Kan City, including the crime that Joshua took part in. Joshua was the closest living relative, so he knew once they were dead the fortune would be his. He hired Killer to kill his own brother and his family. He failed to kill their son, Jackson. Once Jackson was 16, Killer tried to kill Jackson again, and [[Jackson Rosin|Jackson was covered in radioactive lava while trying to escape, which turned him into Magma-Man. Joshua then hired Bullet, another bounty hunter who was far more efficent than Killer to kill his nephew. He failed however and had most of his body destroyed. Joshua then brought him back to life, with cybernetic inhancements, and Bullet, living by his motto that he always gets his kill, continues to try and kill Magma-Man. Once the now super-human Bullet fails yet again, Joshua takes the remains of Christopher Nooring, a man Magma-Man failed to rescue when the San Kan Museum was attacked, and gave him cybernetic enhancements tha allowed him to fly, and Christopher Nooring became Raptor.