If you wish to add anything to this wiki, please follow these guidelines. Some are optional, and some are required.

The Three Most Important Guidelines

The Three Most Important, I want all contributers to make sure they follow these first three Guidelines

First of All

If you add anything to this wiki, please make sure to put a Noncanon template at the top of your pages. To do this, select Template in the "Insert" section of the editer, and scroll down to "Other Template/Magic Word" and search for the template titled Noncanon. Or you could just type { two times, then type Noncanon, followed by typing } two times. There should be no spaces. If you have done it right you will see this on the top of your page:

Silver Tongued Devil

The following information is Non-Canon, and is not real in the Magma-Man universe unless the administrator excepts it.

Only Magma-Man can deside if it will be canon or not.

Second of All

You need to make up your own universe for your characters and versions of Magma-Man if you are making an alternate reality. All pages for this reality should have the name of the reality after the name of the page in parenthesis. For example, there are Magma-Man, Magma-Man (Original), Magma-Man (Ultimate). If there is no parenthesis after the name, then it is in the Mega Magma-Man universe.

Third of All

Please remember to put your signature at the end of every page, so I know who has the credit for coming up with it, and so I know who to ask for permission to put into my comics if I like the ideas that user has. Magma-Man 03:10, February 9, 2010 (UTC)


These guidelines are not as important as the first three


While you can go ahead and use a blank Infobox for your own use and customization, I would like you to go to template search and look to see if there is an infobox for your specific need. If there isn't you can contact me and request a new Infobox. If there is something you think should be added to a certain Infobox, also contact me about that, I am happy to help! Also, if it is a super-hero/super-villain, do not use the "Infobox character" Template! Instead use the "Infobox supercharacter" template. Thank you! Magma-Man 03:10, February 9, 2010 (UTC)

Templates (Optional)

You are free to use any templates as long as they are used correctly. A list of Templates and their uses can be found here.

Magma-Man 03:10, February 9, 2010 (UTC)

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